A New Tumblr Promoting iTunes

By | December 24, 2014
itunes on tumblr

Apple has come up with a new Tumblr site that promotes iTunes. In taking this step, Google has expanded its social marketing efforts and included Tumblr in them once again. Apple has put a Tumblr site that is promoting “The Best of 2014” in music, TV, books and games currently.

apple itunes

Apple has used Tumblr for its marketing purposed previously so this doesn’t come as any surprise. Their Tumblr blog has been designed to be shared by fellow users. There are easy share buttons for Facebook and Twitter as well so that also works for their marketing strategy. Apple has previously used Tumblr to advertise the iPhone 5C.

It should be noted here that the site has yet not gone live, but there are strong rumours confirming the same. In addition to that, Apple has also created an iTunes account on Instagram. This aggressive approach towards social media is being attributed to the joining on Musa Tariq, who was previously the social media head at Nike.

Tumblr has recently began the testing of a new advertising platform as well. This could be helpful for Apple as it would increase the traffic that would be going to its iTunes site. This new platform will work on all platforms once it goes live.

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