New touch screen display from LG will get you a thinner and lighter laptop

By | July 6, 2015



The display subsidiary of LG is making a significantly thinner and lighter touch screen, which will be ready for the laptop from later this year. This screen comes with full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels resolutions. The touch panel layer for a touch sensor built into the LCD is substituted by Advance In-Cell Touch (AIT), this features makes its screen more light and thin. This technology is similar to the tech found in the smart phones like LG G4, but this is first time that it will be found in a laptop. By using this, the screen will be 25 percent less thick than the previous model, while its weight may be reduced by 35 percent from normal laptop touch screen display.
Due reduction in layers, the touch screen display will have less light reflection. This will mean that the new LG display will be much clearer and brighter than the normal touch screen of any laptops. LG is planning to make this type touch screen display in different sizes. There will also be model, which supports stylus. Chances are that, if laptops come with this display, then you might have to deal with USB-C port. This will be certainly interesting to see how this screen works on the laptop, when it will come later this year.