A new tool “Hush” saves your phone battery around 16%

By | September 12, 2015


Smartphones are now the trend and almost every one has it. Now a days, mobile has been used as a replacement of laptop, as you can perform almost each task with it. Smartphones come with lots of features and apps that allows you to do whatever you want. But one major problem with the smartphones is the battery.

Battery life has always been a concern for the smartphones. So even if you kill almost all the tasks, there must be some unnecessary tasks running in backgrounds, which causes the battery to drain. The main problem arises, when your phone is in sleep, because you don’t know which apps are running in the background.

Researchers have found a way to help you solve the battery drainage problem. The Purdue researchers have developed a tool named Hush for Android phones, which is going to kill the background apps intelligently while your mobile is in sleep mode. This tool stops the apps by prioritizing based on your use, meaning it kills the app that has been rarely used. According to researchers, this tool is going to save up to 16% of battery of your phone. If you want to test this Hush took, you can test it through its Github page.

A professor of electrical and computer engineering at Purdue University, Charlie Hu said, “During screen-off, the phone hardware should enter the sleep state, draining close to zero power, apps wake the phone up periodically during screen-off to do useful things, but then afterward, they should let the phone go back to sleep. They are not letting the phone go back to sleep because of software bugs and, specifically, due to the incorrect use of Android power control application programming interfaces called wakelocks.”

This Hush tool is very simple and you can use it, but only time will tell that how successful it becomes in real life situation. This tools saves up to 16% of battery life, which is not huge, but certainly worth using.