New Smartphone mode to make device faster & increase the battery life



Various electronic gadgets like phones and tablets, gets slow and its battery life starts shortening as time passes irrespective of the costs and the amazing features they have, when you bought them. So now, researchers from Hanyang University in Korea have claimed that they have developed a technology, which will stop the slowing of any device. This new technology is named WALDIO is a smart phone mode, which stands for Write Ahead Logging Direct IO.

According to professor You-jip Won, the team leader of the team, who has developed this WALDIO, it is a mode that will speed up the phone and also extends its battery life by minimizing the amount of data the device records. The main features of this technology is to record small amount of data, which will help in using low price flash memory like a expensive flash memory for longer time period.

Flash memory gets slow down in longer run due to extensive use of saving and deleting the data over and over again. Won has claimed that, when you run your smart phones in this mode will allow the mobile to keep only necessary data and due to this the phone will work 20 times faster, while battery life will be extended up to 39 times.
This is not clear that when this technology will be released or will this be supported to currently available devices or when it will be available for general public. If you want to know more about in-depth technical functionality ore how this works, you can read it on a pdf study released by the team on USENIX.