The new note-taking app Letterspace organizes notes with hashtags!

By | February 3, 2015

Those who have used iPhone’s default note-taking app would know it is the least organized notes app. A new note-taking app has been launched recently called Letterspace which serves to organize the notes with the hashtags.

note taking app

There are lot more of notes apps like Fetchnotes, Hashnote and Simplenote using hashtags. But what keeps Letterspace a class apart is its beautiful design, spare interface and a very unique and creative swipe bar that makes scrolling easier within the notes.

The pretty handy swipe bar is place right above the keyboard making it easier to move around the paragraph without moving the hand away from the keyboard. Using the swipe bar is like using the regular mouse cursor with which one can navigate all the directions. To select or highlight, a double tap on the swipe bar is all that is needed.

The iPhone-only app, Letterspace has the hashtag directly below the swipe bar, making it easier to find and access. It also has a hyphen and asterisk key. As Letterspace keeps the notes organized and makes it easier to search, it is a welcome addition that does not get in the way.

Markdown syntax that is mainly a web language for writing on the web to preserve the structure of a document is also found in the app. This simplifies the task of creating to-do lists by typing in a hyphen followed by a set of brackets, that helps one check off the finished tasks with an ‘x.’

The Letterspace app works for iOS app and can be used across iPhones, iPad and Mac. The app’s user-friendly attribute, distraction-free and minimalistic design language extends across all platforms. The app also allows the user to sync the data with iCloud making everything up-to-date in all the connected devices.


The app allows its users to personalize the fonts and backgrounds from the available color schemes to suit the user’s style. This app allows free trial version, through which you can purchase the app from $1.99 to $4.99.

note-taking app LEtterspace

Despite the new inclusion of the swipe bar, working on the Letterspace is very simple and it is sure to take the place of the iPhone’s default Notes app. Even with the writing mode, the swipe bar makes it easier without having to poke or prod the screen to highlight specific words. The app allows to keep the workspace as wanted by the user. The hashtags simplifies the search process and so exploring the notes is not a task anymore.

Overall it is a very useful and organized app, that works with a simple easy-to-understand system.