New Live Lock Screen adds Pattern Lock to Windows Phone 8.1


A Couple of days ago the Live Lock Screen Beta app lands officially for Windows Phone 8.1. The app offers users the choice of six different Live Lock Screen layouts (you can see the layouts in the images above), with new designs and layout for time, date and notifications changes as well in lock-screen animation.


And now it will updated, now this time  the New Live Lock Screen adds Pattern Lock to Windows Phone 8.1. There are some leaked video rolls out over the internet which shows the new pattern lock, which running on the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system. The Live Lock app for Windows Phone platform Screens seems to be a rapidly evolving area of development, with the most recent idea popping up being Pattern Locks ala Android.

This video was posted by developer Fela Ameghino in the Youtube Channel and appears to work pretty well, but, there is still doubt that the Live Lock screens can not replace the Windows Phone official and actual password screen, so the pattern lock would be in additional and not a replacement for a real passcode on your Windows phone. But there is no information, when the app is updated this kind of new feature will available for the Windows.