New LG Smartwatch with round display teased at CES 2015

New LG Smartwatch at CES 2015

LG has reportedly been working on a new smartwatch which might or might not get announced at the CES, but we have already had the first impression in the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show.

On the first official day of the event, while an Audi official was showing the demo of the new car launched, he was commanding the car using a LG smartwatch which looked pretty similar to the LG G Watch R, however, the new watch has 3 buttons on the right side compared to the one button which was present on the LG G Watch R, which clearly shows that the teased watch is a new one which LG is working on.


However, it is still not clear whether LG will be launching this watch at this CES or at a later date, but the watch surely looks promising at this point of time.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Author: Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan

Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan, popularly known as Kiddo in surroundings is a teenage entrepreneur and a public speaker. He loves to explore new places, taste new dishes, make new friends and read awesome content. +KunwarPrithvi