New LG G3 mod improved 4K and 1080p recording video


New LG G3 mod gets improved 4k and 1080p recording video with new model, As every one know one of the highlight of the LG G3 is its impressive 13 megapixel camera, and it has the ability to record super sharp 4k video but some how spoiled by the LG’s aggressive post processing.

This is the case, how ever with the help of the third party developers it makes 4K Video recording even better. One more important thing is that it boosts the 1080p recording from 30 frames per second to 60 frames per second but the thing is you have to need root access to install it.

LG designed his own Software to enable 4k recording while keeping files sizes as small as possible, so the bitrate of 4k videos recorded on the G3 isn’t as good as it could be. While they will certainly look better than standard 1080p recordings there’s plenty of toom for the improvement on 4K monitors and ultra HD televisions.

A senior member Hendrickson of the XDA developers forum promises to fix that by increasing the 4k bit rate of the camera mod, And for the those how no need the 4K, the quality of 1080p recording has been increased to 60fps at 30Mbps. When comes to installation it is very simple, not much to worry but the thing is that you have to root access and ability to modify some permissions and also you will find the Zip file along with step by step process with the help of the given link XdaDevelopers, but the thing is it will take bit time and according to the other G3 Users it work worth.