New iPad Air coming soon with anti reflection coating

By | August 12, 2014
iPad Air

After the huge success of iPad Air, Apple starts the production of enhanced version for iPad Air. The iPad air will feature a new anti reflection coating design to make reading much easier when compares to iPad Air. As per the source according to the Bloomberg.

As per report the Apple had started manufacturing process for the next generation 9.7 inch iPad and one more device which looks looks like smaller iPad mini. Currently the iPad sales are coming down gradually and without some other Whiz-bang new features, its official to imagine.

iPad Air

Mass production of  iPad Air with 9.7 inch display already started with an unveiling project at the end this Quarter or next end as per sources. And also Apple is planning to release 7.9 inch iPad Mini at the end of this year. Other than these no other features were leaked other than this anti refection coating.

These are the iPads which you can expected from Apple other than iPhone 6 and iWatch, But the thing Even this new device may be rumor because there is no official announcement from the Apple. we can expect this officially may be on or after the launch of iPhone 6 and iWatch.

What ever it may be you have to wait until official announcement from the Apple, Stay tune for more information and details about this new devices.

Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

Micheal, is a loyal Apple Fan. A graduate in computer science, Micheal loves to experiment with iOS and Mac. Here at The Tech Bulletin, he covers information about Apple Products.+Micheal