The new Infltr app offers millions of filters for photos addicts

By | August 27, 2015


In today’s world taking pictures is not big deal, but capturing pictures after applying filter is not so. The picture taken after applying filter is better and more beautiful. There are some apps which offer filters for pictures and Instagram is one of them. However, the filter options are quite limited in Instagram.

The new Infltr claims to offer more than 5 million filter options for editing the pictures. Infltr is an iOS app and can be bought for $2. This cool mobile software will allow you to view the scene with different filters by just sliding your finger on your touch screen. With the slide of your finger, you can try out how your image looks with one among millions filters it has. When you find the appropriate filter, click the button to take picture. This app also allows you to share the picture through email, social media platform or text.

This app certainly offers you millions of possibilities; all you have to do is slide your finger to any direction on the touch screen. If you like playing with photos on your smartphones this app can interest you, even if it costs couple of dollars. Selfie obsessed people are sure to get excited with this app.

 click here to find how the app works.