New HDMI certification allows you to buy good HDMI cable



Currently, many HDMI cables are available that can deliver 4K. Differentiating between good HDMI cable and bad HDMI cable is very hard. A low quality HDMI cable may deliver low signal, which results in low quality video output. A bad long cable can also affect your Wi-Fi network.

The HDMI licensing group has developed a new premium certification program. If any cable is labeled with “HDMI Premium Certified Cable”, you can buy it without any hesitation. This certification makes sure that the cable promising 4K compatibility really works for that Ultra HD resolution.

According to the certification, companies have to follow a set of guidelines while making the HDMI cable. They will also test the cable intensively, which will make sure that cable can deliver 18 GBps as output for HDMI 2.0 specification. This certification is not only for 4K resolution, but it also makes sure that the cables support HDR video.

Once the cables are approved with this certification, it will come with a tamper proof sticker named “HDMI Premium Certified Cable”. If you find the sticker on the HDMI cable, you can directly buy it from the market without worrying much. This certification makes buying good HDMI cable pretty easy.