New Google Hangouts update brings merged Hangouts and SMS conversations


Google has started rolling out the new update to Google Hangouts. New Google Hangouts update brings several changes and a new feature in the update allows your SMS and Hangouts conversations to combine together under one place, like you and your friends can exchange the message either by SMS or Hangouts will appear in the same conversation list. You can choose whether to send the message through SMS or Hangouts and you have option to enable or disable merged view as you want.

Google Hangouts has brought one to one and group conversations to life with emoji, photos and video calls for free and connect with your friends across all Apple and Android devices and Computer and the service is provided by Google+.


Whats New

  • Simplified list of contacts : In newly updated Hangouts contacts are placed in two main sections, Friends you Hangout with and regular Phone contacts. This makes easier to navigate through the contacts and to use for the sending SMS.
  • Conversation Merge :Now Hangouts and SMS from the same recipient are merged in to the single conversation. There is an option to enable or disable the merge feature. You can also send the messages through the SMS or Hangouts with the flip of a switch.
  • Homescreen Widget : For the quick access to the selected conversations you can add the Hangouts widget on to the home screen.
  • Performance Improvement : The new update brings improved reliability for SMS and MMS and also betters the quality of the video calls.

As usual it will take some time for the update to reach to everyone, as Google started rolling out the update today. If you don’t have Google hangouts, then download it from Google Play Store. If you have already received the Hangouts update then share your opinions on the new update in the comment box below.