New Google Glass to be more Foldable, Rugged and Water reistent

By | July 23, 2015


Google is only one Company, who has not stopped working on wearable computer its Google Glass. The company is making this new updated Google Glass to a slightly narrower class of user. According to a report of 9 to 5 Google, the new Google Glass can’t be called Google Glass 2.0 and many people is also calling it as Enterprise Edition or EE as the company is referring it by this name only. This new Enterprise Edition Google Glass can’t be called an update to the Google Glass Explorer Edition as its feature is enhanced and added by targeting some workplaces.

According to this web site, the new Google Glass will have more rugged and strong look than its predecessor. The new Glass can be folded like a normal Glass. This device is similar to the Explorer Edition in design, as it also comes with a band, which can be stretched around the forehead and go back till the left ear, added the The new design includes its robust hinge, which can allow the battery and computer modules to fold like a regular Glass. This new device is also going to be more water resistant than the predecessor.

The internal part of the new Google Glass is also going to be updated, as the new Glass will have larger prism display, a faster processor, better battery life and improved wireless connectivity. There is no certain words that form when this device will be available for the normal user, as the company will make it available to the partners in the work program of the Google Glass.