New Google Glass to have larger prism, Intel Atom processor

By | July 10, 2015


Google is planning to launch the second edition of Google Glass, which will be called as Enterprise Edition rather than Explorer Edition. This new Enterprise Edition of the Google Glass will come with larger prism display and a more powerful Intel Atom processor, which will improve the performance and the battery life of this new Google Glass.

After the almost low and negative reception of Google Glass, Explorer Edition, I must say that Google has made significant changes to make it more popular among the users. Google will use larger prism display, which will allow the user to look directly up rather than feeling to look up and right. There is not clear that the screen resolution of screen of the glass has changed or not, but it is said that the screen is better than the previous model Explorer Edition.

Another major change to this new Enterprise Edition Google Glass is its Intel Atom Processor rather than ARM processor of the previous Explorer edition. The battery life of this device has also been improved, but this is a slight improvement than the previous Google Glass. Battery improvement was very necessary, as this was one of the major reasons for lukewarm response to the previous generation device. There are some more improvement like heat control and the performance.

You can also get an external battery pack for Enterprise Edition of Google Glass. There is no clear news about the battery life of this external battery but this will certainly get rid of the battery life problem. Only time will tell that how those changes to the Enterprise edition of Google Glass has been received by the user once the product is launched, till then keep visiting for more tech news.