New Google Contacts get better and smarter!

By | March 4, 2015
Google contacts

Gmail is a great mail app, but Google+ has caused the system messy with the pulling in everyone ever emailed and the full-fleshed out contact cards added over the years. But not anymore, luckily things are changing. Google has just announced its launch of completely revamped contacts interface, and you can jump into a preview of the new app now.

New google contacts

The new version of Google Contacts simplifies the service by combining users’ Gmail and Google+ connections in one place. The service will bring together all contacts, circles and most frequently contacted users in Gmail which will make it simple to find friends or family members.

According to Gmail’s official blog, integrated calendar and email interface that allows to check email exchanges and calendar appointments are the newly included features. Another new feature called ‘Find Duplicates’ eradicates all duplicate contacts and also asks the user to merge together if he wants.¬†On giving a quick try, one should accept it worked fast and smart too. And in case the tool missed some duplicates, merging them is as easy as checking off both contacts and hitting ‘merge’ button on the top.

Contacts preview 2.5

Google also help to automatically keep info up-to-date in the contact list by adding information from the user’s Google profile, provided the information is publicly shared. It could also surface recent email conversations directly in an address book card for quick reference. The alterations made in the previous contact list will be kept intact. When Google has improved integration with Google+ contact, people tend to follow a number of people not known personally and few brand pages. However, Google has finally banished all the random people one has emailed over the years – Yee!!

The update will begin rolling out in the coming weeks. However, it will not be immediately available to Google App customers. Though the company says it is working on it.

If you’d like to give Google Contacts a go, you can enroll in the preview right now.