New Display bezel reveals Microsoft branding for a Lumia phone


According to latest images which are leaked across the Internet, new display Bezels design will launched by the Microsoft. And this new display bezel is also reveals Microsoft branding for a Lumia phone. The report has claimed that they got a internal document which is revealing the phasing out of Nokia in exchange for Microsoft in the coming months, with Lumia being the brand name going forward.


The photos are of decent quality but they are grainy also. But still, these are running the image through  which did not reveals any  other information or the obvious manipulation of the photo, and suggesting it is real image of Lumia Branding of Microsoft.


This is  might be simply a prototype as Microsoft begins to explore options for branding on the phone. Everything from font sizes, location, and even the name itself are likely to be considered when Microsoft moves forward with these plans, and this could serve merely as a sample. This new ezel-style with speaker, front-facing camera, and sensors which are mainly  matches with latest Nokia lumia series such as  Lumia 930, Lumia 830 and Lumia 73x. However, due to the thinness near the bottom (see on photos from the source), we will suggests that this phone might be have  employs on-screen keys rather than one imprinted on the bezel itself. Because of that, we are leaning on a Lumia 73x bezel, even it does look rather large near around 4.7-inch device.