Netropolitan – Online Club for People with more money than time

By | September 18, 2014
Netropolitan Online Internet Club

Netropolitan Online Internet Club

Is Facebook getting bored day by day for you? Join the Netropolitan Online club at just $9,000 a year. These days, Social users have divided into three different categories such as, social addict kind of users, users who have online social account but don’t use more often and the third one doesn’t have any social account over the internet.

Today itself I came across to a whooping social website, the Netropolitan, requires $9,000 for joining accessibility for one year only. Website itself describes that

Netropolitan: The online country club for people with more money than time

Apart from the money, your age must be more than 21 to be able to join this social network. Users are allowed to see everyone’s posts and can create groups based on interests as well.

Of course the money they are paying just for passing advertisements to others that is not possible in Facebook, Twitter or anywhere.

Netropolitan has been developer by former Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra, James Touchi-Peters. Additionally, you will also have to pay $3000 per year to be on the social network, generally you do in a Club.

The concept of social networking has been taken to a different level over the past year or so. In brief, this social media is for rich, businessman kind of guy who has more money than time.

I know you are also felling excited to see the first look at the exclusive Netropolitan Social Network.

Author: Galvin Carter

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