Netflix V3.8 adds grid based search, profile management and more


Netflix has updated its Android app to the version 3.8 and it has made some significant improvements over its previous edition. The main noticeable thing is the search function is refurbished, as instead of the standard vertical list of the movies, television shows, events and actors/directors, you will see them in the grid of results.

This also is shown in the Netflix on the web, though it is bit slower, since the preview images tend to be little Bastille when they are loading. There is also the new notification which appears when you are actively watching the Netflix videos,. then switch the focus to the homescreen or any other app.


The text regarding the update in the Google Play Store calls this as the background playback, but do not get excited, despite the term, the audio doesn’t continue in the background. This could be the simpler way to get back into your video quickly after searching for something else.

Finally, now you can manage the multiple Netflix profiles directly from the app, no need to do it from the web application. There aren’t too many options, but then, the Netflix’s profile settings on the web application are just basic. Users can simply modify the profile names, select whether it is for kids or not and can change the avatar photo and more.

You can download the update version of Netflix from Google Play Store. Unlike Google, Netflix is updated to all users at once. You can download it from the below link.

Download Netflix V3.8 for Play StoreĀ