Netflix blocking users with VPN, Proxy

Netflix website screen

The popular video streaming service, Netflix has taken a way forward to stop the users from using Netflix in unauthorized ways. If the reports are to be believed, then there are many Netflix users who have faced difficulties in accessing the content on Netflix while using services like VPN and proxy.

Netflix website screen

However, the scope of this is not very huge for now, there are many people who still have access to Netflix content while using a VPN services. Most of them have stated that they had to change their location or IP address before they could use Netflix again after seeing some errors. That means Netflix has blocked some of the most popular IP address used by the VPN services but still there are a lot of ways using which you can stream the Netflix content onto your device.

The problem was even faced by the people using Netflix android app. The original Google DNS is not allowing the users from outside US to stream Netflix content on the mobile phones. According to an official of a popular VPN service,

We have received a lot of requests from the customers showing their inability of not being able to use Netflix after connecting to VPN. However, it only occurs in case of the most popular VPN locations, users can still stream Netflix if they change the location to any other part in the US.

In a strange study which appeared before a couple of weeks, most of the users who are accessing Netflix from various locations have bought the subscriptions, however, by changing the location, they can view the content which is not normally available for them. Like the movies and shows for which Netflix does not hold any right in their country.

The major reason behind this step from Netflix was the pressure from some government officials as well as the licence holders in those demographics. Netflix is not the official streaming partner for the movies and various shows in all the countries, however, it was accessible from all arts of the world.

The new step from Netflix will result in a better coordination and relation between Netflix and the licence holders. This will remain a thing to see how far can Netflix go with this without disappointing the users.

Author: Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan

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