Nebia, a shower head startup, raises fund from Apple’s CEO

By | August 13, 2015

Re-engineering a shower may make one feel ‘what big deal?’  but the startup Nebia team have proved it wrong. Nebia’s prototype Shower has secured first round of funding from Sillion Valley’s biggest names that consists of Timothy D.Cook, the chief executive of Apple along with other investors likes Michael Birch, a founder of the members-only club the Battery, Y Combinator, the start-up incubator, and from the Schmidt Family Foundation that was co-founded by Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google.


The six-person startup, Nebia based in San Francisco, has developed a water-conserving showerhead that saves water, easy to install and best part is it offers more immersive showering experience. With an average of more than 20 gallons of water needed for a person to shower, the Nebia claims its products uses only six gallons of water. Circular street lamp look-alike shower with an aluminum base iMac proves it has reduced the water consumption as much as 70%.

“Nebia’s showering technology has the potential to be transformative,” said Wendy Schmidt, president of the Schmidt foundation. “It’s an innovative and elegant and can also have a significant impact on water use – not just in California, where we are experiencing a severe drought – but around the world where fresh water resources are limited.”


In the regular shower heads, large water droplets gushes out but whereas the Nebia showerhead atomizes the water into tiny droplets and has wider coverage which the team claims will leave the person clean and hydrated without using more water. Though there is not much of a difference in the system, the head looks like it has been brilliantly engineered with many nozzles designed with the help of the software used for jet engines to produce the efficient mist.

Apart from the good bathing experience, the report also shows that installing a Nebia Showere is easy-peesy as no plumber is required to install it. The shower head is made from a high-density polymer and moves up to 45 degrees. Its bracket is made from anodized aluminum and the shower head can be modified to suit the height of the one who baths. The Nebia shower comes along with a handheld shower head.

The startup has been testing its prototype since October in the locker rooms in some Equinox gyms and on the campus of Apple, Google and Stanford University. It is said that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has been wooed by the showering experience of Nebia Shower that has motivated him to make a personal investment in the company. The details of the investment has not been disclosed. “We want to own that space, but with a better sense of both experience and water conservancy,” said Carlos Gomex Andonaegui, a founder of Nebia, about the market for shower head.

The team is working on to bring it into production by approaching Kickstarter to raise atleast $100,000 through funding. Provided it works out well, the product is expected to hit the markets by May, 2016 and the price per shower head may range around $400.

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