Nanu For Android takes on Skype with free unlimited calls over 2G

By | August 6, 2014

Making the free phone calls over the internet with the smartphone is not a big deal. There are so many apps like Skype, Viber and many more, but none of these apps works well on the 2G networks. 2G networks are very common in the emerging nations like South Asian countries, Latin American and South American countries. Nanu for Android is here change this as this is specially built to work on 2G networks.


Nanu allows you to call other Nanu users for free on 2G networks. It also allows you to call the users who don’t have Nanu installed on their devices but the calls are restricted to 15 minutes only. After the time has expired that call gets automatically disconnected and there is no way to call the phone that are not running on Nanu. Only the first million users will get these 15 minutes for free and these free minutes are used to call the mobile phones in Germany, U.K, U.S, France, Australia and Newzealand. In addition these free minutes are used to call mobiles in India, US, Germany and six other countries.

Those who using the small data plans might be worried about the voice call over Nanu, but the company says that 1 MB is sufficient for 10 minutes voice call. As it is a free service it makes money from the ads. It plays the ads over the ringtones while you are waiting when you called others. These ads play till the moment your call is answered.

Nanu team has said that, “As the number of the Nanu users increases, we will be able to offer more free Nanu to non-Nanu users and more reliable services”. They also said that the app for iOS and Windows Phone will be available later this year.

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Author: Peter Jacksonn

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