myAppRank : A Windows Phone app tracker for developers



A handy new app called myAppRank has listed to the Developer Companion Apps on Windows Phone. As the name suggests, this app lets the developers to track the ranking of their apps in the Windows Phone store. What’s more important for a developer than analyzing how the app raking is going on once after listing to any store? If you are a Windows Phone developer then myAppRank is the ideal tool for you to monitor your app.

For developers. App store rankings is the only strong indicators to check app’s success. Moreover a higher ranked app generally has a higher visibility in the app store. There is no official app from Microsoft for Windows Phone app developers to monitoring their app’s rank in the Windows Phone Store. That is why myAppRank getting popular among then and has filled the gap of at least having a handy tool for developer.

Key Features of myAppRank

  • Track app competitors progress
  • Keep track of app rating average per update
  • Keep a tab of tweets about your windows phone app
  • Find out current and history of app’s rank in the Windows Phone store since January 2014

However, the app is very new to this store and has some limitations, such as being able to track only the top 300 apps in each category. As of now ranking stats are also limited to USA, Brazil, Italy, Russia, India, United Kingdom and Mexico. Developers have plan to add more features soon and we hope that ranking stats from more countries will also be included.

Download myAppRank

Once you head to the download link, there you will see another app called App Rank which features similar functionality to this app, offers real time rank of top 1000 apps in 65 different countries. But the only difference is it doesn’t keep track of the history of the app rank.