MURTASTIC : Live Wallpaper App for Android User’s


The Murtastic is  unique live wallpaper applications which is available for the Android Smartphone in the Google Play Store. Instead of giving you an awesome design, the app puts the responsibility of creating something into your hands. It’s new app in the Play Store so more features are planned to be implemented but at a present it quite decent.


In the app you will find that the User Interface is a simple card design UI that is actually looks pretty nice. You are also found that in the main menu that you can choose your design pack,  with the view community that will uploaded the latest wallpapers, and  few other things. with the help of this app you  add text, change fonts, add color, add images, add animations and pages.  And this app is also offered you can set it as your live wallpaper and it will become your live wallpaper.  By the use of thus app you can use gallery images which can create a slideshow or even create your own quote images if you want. If you want to download this app into your Android Smartphone then you have to click here!

Features of Murtastic –

  • Creating your own live wallpapers is a fun premise.
  • There are quite a few text, font, color, and image options. You can also include images from your library and animations.
  • It’s free to use with in app purchases.
  • When community wallpapers goes live, that’s going to be a fun feature.