Mu Sigma – The new Infosys in the making

By | February 6, 2015


Mu Sigma – The new Infosys in the making. Yes of course, seeing the exponential growth projected by the company. Mu Sigma helps enterprises to institutionalise decisions driven with the help of Big Data.
Mu Sigma is world’s largest analytics and decision sciences company. The company harness big data analytics that addresses critical need and enables organizations to institutionalize analytics and decision sciences in sustainable manner.

Mu Sigma’s platforms for decision sciences provide problem solving in structured way. The platform provides insight generation approach that is guided and user driven analytics. Mu Sigma has developed several platforms on decision sciences and analytics.

muPDNA (Mu Sigma Problem DNA) ensures appropriate emphasis on representation and hypothesis leading to the right design of business problems. The platform defines business problems accurately, translates the problem, and provides analytical design and data selection. This is the first software of Mu Sigma that integrates all aspects of the business problem definition required for data driven decision making.


muUniverse automates aspects of dynamic thinking by helping organisations detect and visualize the interconnected nature of business problems. The platform enables to look at each business as a complex network of interrelated problems. Each node of muUniverse represents problem which are interconnected. Business can plan, engage, investigate, derisk, prioritize and discover the opportunities. The platform can be integrated with muPDNA platform in order to create seamless creation and exploration.

muRx is a decision science workbench platform that democratize the use of analytical methods to solve a wide range of business problems. The platform integrates multiple aspects of analytical problem solving it in a holistic environment. muRx platform provides cross industry and problem solving experience will be high. It brings multiple perspectives collaboration and sharing, text mining, machine learning and various aspects.

muMix provides integrated marketing mix enabled to provide end to end solutions with marketing mix planning. It assists marketers to make specific marketing decisions by creating a systematic, mathematical framework to identify factors that drive sales and quantify effectiveness of marketing. Based on 4 P principles of marketing, Product, price, promotion and place muMix works perfect blend to help marketers in creating perfect marketing mix. The platform provides historical analysis and learning with contribution and Return on Investment analysis.


muLearn platform helps decision makers realise the promise of cross industry learning in a tangible way so that they are equipped with better decision making with the help of data driven based. The platform encourages questioning and providing assistance of network of decision makers and decision scientists.
Another product of Mu Sigma is muWebfluenz empowers to take business to next level by providing social media marketing planner and strategy with lead generation capabilities, by better brand building and product innovation. Business can handle crisis management with competitive intelligence. Campaign management, supplier evaluation and CRM can be managed in better way. The platform is advanced social media analytics platform that assists enterprises with machine learning and human intelligence to offer customised solutions. The platform has several features such as real time monitoring, influencers analysis, caters varied demographies, sentiment tagging, customer quotes and workspaces.

muESP platform provides operationalization of real time as well as batch analytics through a life cycle paradigm which includes various data processes starting capture, processing, and deployment of analytical tasks that helps businesses to gain more insight. The platform consist sub platforms muStream streamlines the process by early identification of trends and generates alerts that are actionable. muFLOW is workbench to create, deploy and executed analytical workflows which are automated for data in batch program. It operationalised batch analytics with the help simple drag and drop GUI. This feature provides more time to analysts to devote more times towards high value strategic analytics. Processes can be automated, upscaled and operationalized in muFLOW. muVCL powers analysts to build visualizations that are flexible, personalized and customized in faster decision making. The platform is aptly supported by muBuzz; social media application that leverages the power of muESP allows consumption of unstructured data from Twitter and performs text mining. MINT is a financial data application that leverages the muESP platform to consume ticker data of different ETF’s which are listed in New York Stock Exchange.


Mu Sigma platforms for decision sciences provide algorithms for advanced applied math techniques to scale and support decision making across multiple business problems. There are 3 different platforms are offered under decision sciences. muXo is an advanced decision optimization engine designed to solve complex business problems. The suite constantly evolving, cutting-edge with Meta heuristic algorithms. muHPC is another suite of popular statistical algorithms which are integrated in the form of R packages for Big Data analytics. This suite contains several packages such as muEDA – package lets users more on Hadoop data with usage Java MapReduce. mukMeans package allows users to use the K-means algorithm, built on Java MapReduce and can run natively on Hadoop. The muGLM package allows users to build Linear and Generalized Linear Models with data on Hadoop using the rmr package. muRecommender leverages Alternating Least Squares, Singular Value Decomposition and other complex algorithms to recommend items based on latent factors. muRandomForest package is built on Java MapReduce and runs natively on Hadoop constructed multiple decision trees while training a model and uses an ensemble learning method to make predictions. muHMM package identifies hidden states underneath recorded observations to build models that help in understanding the transitions between hidden states.


Mu Sigma has developed eco system that called Decision P3, a holistic ecosystem of People, Process and Platforms helps institutionalize analytics in a sustainable and scalable manner. The outer layer indicates decision scientists which are the starting point with the people factor supplemented with the right mixture of scale demystify and democratize the analytics. The inner layers consists mixture of process and methodologies, Tools and Techniques, Proprietary technology platforms with Cross Learning.
Another framework Mu Sigma offers is DIPP framework – enables the right mix of analytics. DIPP consists of Descriptive Analytics, Inquisitive Analytics, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics. In order to have holistic insights there should be correct mixture of all the analytics. Different business requires different mixture of analytics at different levels.


Mu Sigma interdisciplinary approach enables better creation and consumption of analytics. Due dynamic nature of today’s business many problems are not defined properly. Clear problems are the ones can be used algorithmic approaches and technology. Muddy problems need to be dealt in business context along with discovery driven agile experimentation.

Mu Sigma cross domain and cross industry expertise encourages innovation through cross pollination of best practices. Cross Pollination of Concepts such as Genetic Algorithm, Survival Modelling, Lean principles, Simulated Annealing and Queuing Theory. The company offers convergence Price Optimization, Inventory Yield management, Diversification, Synchronised Operations and Customer Affinity bucketing.


Mu Sigma is based in Chicago and has main delivery center in Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru. The company was founded in 2005 by Dhiraj C Rajaram, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He earlier worked with Booz Allen Hamilton as consultant and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is a graduate from College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai and did his Masters in Science from Wayne State University.

Mark F Dzialga is the Chairman of the investment committee. He heads several numerous public and private companies such General Atlantic. He has B.S. degree from Canisius College and MBA from Columbia University.

Shailendra Singh represents Sequoia Capital on the board of Mu Sigma. He was strategic consultant at Bain & Company in New York. He is ex alumni of Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai and he received his MBA from Harvard Business School.


Ambiga Dhiraj is Chief Operating Officer handles overall operations including client services and delivery. Before Mu Sigma, she worked with Motorola research organization. She has her Bachelor of Engineering from College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University and done her Master’s of Science in Computer Engineering from Wayne State University.

Gary Reiner is operating partner represents General Atlantic on the board of Mu Sigma. Previously he served as Chief Information Officer of General Electricals. He had diverse experience in M&A, Information Technology, Operations and Quality of the company. Prior to GE he was partner with Boston Consulting Group. He is Bachelor of Arts in Economics and MBA from Harvard University.

Mu Sigma has customers worldwide spanning across continents except Arctic and Antarctica. The company’s first client was Microsoft Corp in 2005. More than 100 large global enterprises have chosen Mu Sigma to partner with.  Raised more than $160 million from General Atlantic, Sequoia Capital, Fidelity, FTV Capital, MasterCard and Accel Partners in multiple rounds of funding.


In 2014, Mu Sigma acquired Singapore based social media analytics startup, Webfluenz for undisclosed amount. The acquired company was a platform to monitor, analyse and manage social media in real time web. Mu Sigma has employee strength of 3500+ from its offices in Chicago and Bengaluru. The company is valued more than a billion.

The big data market is warming up with several global players with their products and approach. The scene will be witnessed by merger and acquisitions in the near future.

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