Mozilla launches Firefox 41 with instant messaging features

By | September 24, 2015


Mozilla has launched its Firefox 41 for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. This new Firefox browser is said to be first browser with integrated instant messaging feature. Currently instant messaging feature is available only on Desktop version. Mozilla allows you IM directly via Firefox Hello video call if you are using Mac, Linux or Windows. This Instant Messaging system is powered by WebRTC, which allow you to chat with Chrome and Opera users once this is available for these browsers.

This new updated Firefox browser allows you to use photos for the profile of Firefox Account. In addition to this, browser also provides various search option in the search panel of Android users. This means that user can use multiple search engine like Google and Bing at once. You can close the tabs by swiping. Mozilla has also improved the bookmark detection feature that allows you to avoid duplicates. The Android version of Firefox now plays mp3 files without facing any problems.

Mozilla has lunched this new Firefox browser with several bug fixes for both Android and Desktop version. The new Version of Mozilla is available for everyone. If you want to download Mozilla Firefox for the first time, click on Firefox 41. if you are currently using Mozilla browser, then you’ll get notification about the update.