Mozilla Firefox 29 available for download with revamped Australis interface

By | April 30, 2014

Mozilla keeps releasing update for its Firefox browser frequently, but most of those updates comes with minor tweaks and doesn;t effect the functioning  and behaviour of the browser. But now Mozilla after working on the Australis interface, it is now bringing it to the stable release and this is going to the important release for a while now.

The latest Firefox 29 version has replaced the Big Orange Button with with the main menu and it can be customizable and added some rounded corners and now it almost looks like Google Chrome. Mozilla has said that there has been more than 1,300 interface and bug fixes, since the browser has been released as the Australis design about an year ago.

The stand out features that Firefox 29 has got is new main menu which can be highly customizable and a new tabs which will fade into the background when not focused. Easier Firefox sync setup along with reworked bookmarking button has been added.


Whats New

  • Stylish new design : The overall interface and the whole tabs are refurbished and the browser now comes with new look.
  • Firefox Menu : It has been amazing and here you will find the browser controls, add-ons and features and also you can customize the menu according to your needs.
  • Customization mode : Now you can  drag and drop your favorite feature, add-on or any tool in the menu or toolbar.
  • The bookmark functionality has been now increased, now it is very easier to create the bookmarks on a single click.
  • Now you can easily access the add-on manager with the Firefox 29, easily access the add-on manager directly from the menu.

You can create a streamlined default menu with the basic options such as save a webpage, ability to open the new or private window, history, full screen mode, print, add-ons, find in page and developer options. If you want to change the default menu you can easily take away this by just clicking on the customize option at the bottom of the menu. After clicking on it you will headed to the tab where you can add necessary options to the menu.

Firefox 29 is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Download Firefox 29 from here.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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