my Movies Windows Phone app : Review


My Movies is the perfect app for the movie lovers and it is now available for the Windows Phone users. It is the easiest, fastest and most impressive way that you have ever kept track of your favorite movie collection. My Movies features the high quality movie database with more than 800,000 movies on DVD and Blu-Ray and it lets the users to quickly access the full details for the titles in your movie collection which includes movie trailers and more.

Using My Movies Windows Phone app users can create a large collection using the camera bar code scanner and overview of the collection with the advanced search and filter options.Now you cannot forget which movies you watched and when you watched them. You can personalize and customize the application as your own.



  • Inspires the users through the title details, high-resolution covers, trailers and so makes the experience almost real.
  • Share your collection with your friends through PDF, email or your own online collection list.
  • Allows the users to customize and personalize according to their own.
  • The collection of the users will be stores on the server, so they can never lose their data.
  • Easy to add the titles to your collection.
  • With the simple search and advanced filter options you can easily overview your collection.
  • Collection of more than 800,o00 titles on DVD and Blu-Ray.
  • User can keep track of the movies and never forget which movies they have watched and when they have watched them.

With its amazing features and abilities it is the perfect app for the movie lovers to store their collection, update with the movies, watch the trailers in real experience and more.

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