How to move your Mac’s iTunes library to external drive


If suppose your iTunes grown beyond what you can or you are interested to save space in internal hard disk of your Mac, there are two things you can do. First one is you can move iTunes library to the Cloud and the second thing is you can move the Macs’s iTunes library to the External Drive. If you are not aware of these things, then this the right place where you can learn how to move your Mac’s iTunes library to external drive.

Before starting to move the iTunes library to external drive, you have to check all the files of iTunes are in iTunes folder if not you have to do so. To do that you need to open the iTunes and click on the file menu in that click on the library menu. In that select organize library where it will open new window. In that check consolidate files and click on ok button.

Steps to move iTunes library to External Drive

  • Initially you need to quit the iTunes if it opens.
  • Now you have to connect to the External hard disk drive and open your Mac hard drive.
  • open the music folder and drag iTunes folder to external drive.
  • Hold down the option key on the broad.
  • launch iTunes.
  • While launching iTunes it will ask you to choose the iTunes library and click on the choose library button.
  • Now you have to navigate the iTunes on your external hard disk of your Mac and click open.
  • Once iTunes done with checking it will open and finally Quit iTunes.

Now you need to delete the old iTunes, for that go to Mac’s hard drive and open the music folder and drag the iTunes folder into Trash.