How to Move iWork Files from Mac to iCloud

By | July 9, 2014

You want to make a backup or move your existing Pages, Numbers, and Keynote files on your Mac in the iCloud, or simply you want to transfer your iWork Files from your Mac to iCloud, then this article on the blog will help you. Here you can get all the steps which have been used to transfer your all important files the Apple iCloud service.

Steps to Move iWork Files from Mac to iCloud

  1. First of all you have to Launch Pages, Keynote, or Numbers on your Mac — keep in mind you must be running a version new enough to support iCloud.
  2. After that At the top of the documents window, click on On My Mac.
  3. Now you have to Navigate to the Pages, Numbers, or Keynote file you’d like in iCloud. Open it.
  4. After that at the top, click on the title.
  5. You should now see a drop down that lets you choose where you’d like to save it, as well as an option to rename it.
  6. Then Just choose to iCloud and change anything else you’d like.
  7. Now, Hit the Command + S on your keyboard in order to save it in iCloud.


Now your document or file should now be saved in iCloud with the rest of your iCloud documents. You can now access it not only on your Mac but on any iPhone or iPad with iWork installed. Alternately, you can also view and edit your any documents from the on the web from any computer. If you have lots of documents to save to iCloud at once also.