How to move command bar to bottom in Windows 7 explorer

By | September 19, 2014

In Windows 7, by default command bar will be shown at the top in the Windows Explorer. But, you can also move it to the bottom and this tutorial will help you to move the command bar to the bottom in Windows 7 explorer. We need to edit the system file Shell32.dll to move the command bar to the bottom. After moving the command bar to bottom, it will look like this.


How to move command bar to bottom in Windows 7 explorer

  • You need to edit %windir%\system\Shell32.dll file, so first copy the shell32.dll file from System32 folder to some other location on your PC.
  • Now open the new file in the resource hacker.
  • Go to View>Find text and it will open the box and type this string folderbandstyle in the textbox.
  • Click on Find next button and it will show the line containing this text and it should be in UIFILE section.
  • You need to just replace layoutpos = “Top”  string with layoutpos = “Bottom”.
  • After replacing, click on Compile Script button.
  • Now press the F3 key and it will show the next line containing the same text and now again do the same thing shown in 5th step.
  • You will now find the 5 occurrences of the “folderbandstyle” string in the file and out of 5 occurrences, only 4 occurrences will have the layoutpos = “top” text in them, so you need to edit the following entries in Shell32.dll file.
  • After modifying the strings, save the file.
  • Now we need to replace the original shell32.dll in C:\Windows\system32\ folder with the new Shell32.dll file.
  • First take the ownership of C:\Windows\System32\Shell32.dll  and rename it to Shell32_backup.dll or any other name.
  • Now copy the new modified Shell32.dll file from desktop or from where you have saved to System32 folder.
  • Now restart your system and after restarting Windows will start using your new modified file and you will get the command bar at the bottom in the Windows explorer.

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