Motorola’s Moto Alert app for Moto E

By | May 14, 2014

Motorola few day back released a new small budget smartphone Moto E at Rs 6999. Today Motorola release an application specially for the Moto E series named as Moto Alert app. The mobile which was released with power package features with this special application also adds more strength to the Smartphone.  The new app functionality is to alert your contacts when you need.


The aim of this new application which is release today by the Motorola is to enable the contacts from you smartphone and sends alerts to the friends and loved ones whom we have give at the initial stage of installation in the case of emergency. The users of the Moto E can download this application from the android Google Play store and is currently compatible only for the Moto E.

The company announced that later they are planning to release this same Moto alert app for moto x as well as moto G, Using the geo-fenced location status of app it sends periodic notifications of your location to the friends and family members. This app also allows to set the locations for school, home and work. The app then alert others when you arrive or leave at that locations. It is not necessary that who receives the alert message no need to install this application.

The app has only three tabs namely Meet me, Emergency and Follow me is useful to keep the eye on your childern as well as woman to keep them safe. If you buy your new Motorola Moto E smartphone hit the below link to download this application directly from the Google play store of your device.

Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

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