Motorola launches Moto Hint Bluetooth headset

By | September 5, 2014
Moto Hint-3

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Bluetooth headsets may be stuck in the ’90s, and lost their interest in this current age. But that won’t stop Motorola showcasing a new Bluetooth enabled headset later this year, named the Moto Hint.

The headset is small, attractive and very simple earplug you might wear while swimming. Motorola took the effort to make it a multi purpose headset, however the price tag it has got is something out of imagination $149.

Along with that Motorola has also launched couple of smartphones and the very first Moto 360 smartwatch to different targeted regions like India, France, Germany, UK and more. Like its phones and smart watch, Motorola has enhanced the Bluetooth headset user experience in a many ways. The first shocking feature is there isn’t any button to make or receive call at all that has been replaced by a capacitive touch technology. As you put the headset in your ear it turns on and it goes off as you remove from your ear. Infrared sensors are also included with this to enable this unique feature.

It works with the Moto Voice functionality so you can speak your custom launch phrase and then control your phone just like you can with the Moto 360. While using maps on your connected device, the Bluetooth device will guide with Motorola Voice assistance, you even can text via the headset, and do anything else you might want to with the phone itself with the voice commands. If you take the headset out when something is playing over the headset, then audio switches automatically to the connected device.

Moto Hint : In Pictures

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