Motorola Touchless control app update changes name to Moto Voice

By | September 8, 2014

Today seems to be the rebranding day. Yes many of the apps are rebranded today as Microsoft has renamed Nokia Beamer to Lumia Beamer and now Motorola has renamed Motorola Touchless control app to Moto Voice. Motorola has not launched new Moto X yet, but it has already made some changes to its Touchless control app, renaming it to the Moto Voice and also added some features as well.


The latest version of the Moto Voice app is available to download in the Google Play Store, ahead of the Moto X’s launch. Here is the complete changelog of the new update.

  • Voice command support for Youtube, WhatsApp and Facebook
  • Customize your own launch phrase to make the Moto Voice respond only to you
  • Turn on talk to me and other Moto modes through the voice commands
  • Support for Moto 360 and Moto hint
  • User interface improvements and bug fixes

Motorola Touchless Control app allow you to, get the directions, set an alarm and more without touching your smartphone, just by talking. It is the more smart voice recognition app, for example say “do I need an umbrella”, it gives you Weather forecast, say “Find my phone” and your rings and you can track it where it is.

For the New Moto X devices you can make it more personal to you, create your own launch phrase, such as “Hello Moto X” and you can teach it your voice. This update is just for the Moto X, the changelog states that “Moto X, Driod Maxx, Droid Mini and Droid ultra users”.

Download Moto Voice 

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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