Motorola Touchless control app now available for 2013 devices

By | September 16, 2014
Moto Voice app

Moto Voice app

The latest version of Motorola Touchless control now has been renamed as Moto Voice, the app has also been updated with improved voice assistance. Along with the bug fixing goodness that includes any and every app update, some of the new features from the 2014 Moto X have been added to the first generation Moto X smartphones. That means your Droid Ultra, Moto X, Droid MAXX and Droid Mini have some cool new features!

Last week itself Motorola changed its name to Moto Voice and now became available to all 2013 Motorola devices which I have mentioned above already.

Here is the complete changelog of the updated Moto Voice:

  • Customize your own launch phrase to make Moto Voice respond only to you
  • Voice command support for YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp
  • Support for Moto Hint and Moto 360
  • User experience improvements and bug
  • Turn on Talk to Me and other Moto modes through voice commands
  • Compatible only with Android 4.4 KitKat
  • When Moto 360 is active, only your watch will respond to your voice
  • Supported on: Droid Ultra, Droid Mini, Droid Maxx, Moto X (first generation)

The update has already live at Play Store, all Moto X, Droid Maxx and Droid Mini users can get this handy app. Click on the Play Store link to get the app right into your device.

Moto Voice QR Code 
Don’t forget to share your views after getting this voice assistance app on your Moto device, however, Moto G 2013 and 14 smartphone users still have to wait to get this, however, Motorola didn’t uttered a single word about the availability of Moto voice to Moto G users.

  • Gagan Choudhary

    Dear Galvin Carter. With this new option there no new optiom to customize our own launch phrase.. That option is still limited to Moto X 2014.
    However we can train our Moto inorder to respond only to voice which is similar to its owner