Motorola Connect app update added support for Moto 360


Motorola has released some new gadgets and Moto 360 is the most important wearable, which is speeding its way towards some your mailboxes right now. Motorola has also launched the power pack micro, a portable battery pack/Bluetooth phone finder combo, along with new Moto G and Moto X. Motorola connect app make both of them to work with full potential.



Previously, Connect app was used to get some of the functions of your Motorola phone on your PC, such as alerts for calls and remote interface for the text messages. Now Connect app has became the Motorola’s hub for all its additional gadgets like wearable and more. Let’s see one example, Moto 360 works fine on the Android Wear app using Google’s official app, but Motorola Connect allows the users to adjust some of the customizable colors and more.

Connect app also functions as the remote for the Power Pack micro, which allow you to ping the battery pack to find it and also make your phone sing out when you press a button on the Power Pack micro. It also allow you to see the remaining charge on the 1500 mAh battery.

There are some disadvantages as well, as for now it works only on the Motorola phones and there are still some blatant expectations in its compatability. Some of the devices like Samsung Galaxy S4, NVIDIA SHIELD and G Pad 8.3 seems to the incompatible. Those who can’t install Motorola Connect on their phone or tablet they don’t have the full access to the functionality of the Power Pack Micro or Moto 360.

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