Latest Moto 360 Update Enhances Battery Life Significantly


According to the owners of Moto 360 smartwatch, it is claimed that the Android Wear powered wearable has received an update that has resulted in an increased battery life. The latest update that the smartwatch has received is the build number KGW42R and the Android Wear version number

Moto 360

As per details from Reddit conversations, the Motorola timepiece is reported to last for 30 hours off the charger and still with 53 percent battery life. In order to get this stunning battery life, the users will have to turn off the Ambient Mode on the Moto 360 smartwatch. This feature has undergone some modification that will dim the screen and run a minimalist clock that will in turn enhance the battery life. In addition to the tweaks to the Ambient Mode feature, it appears like the new update has taken a lesser toll on Bluetooth thereby enhancing the battery life further.

When Motorola unveiled the Android Wear smartwatch, it announced that the device has a small 300 mAh battery under its hood. The battery size opened criticism requiring users to charge the smartwatch twice a day. Thankfully, the latest update has proven this false by letting the device last for over a day.

In case you own a Moto 360 smartwatch and you are facing some serious battery life issues, have a quick check for the KGW42R update.