More people started using Facebook and Twitter as news source

By | July 15, 2015


Today, the Pew Research Center has announced that they have made a discovery regarding Facebook and Twitter, more and more users are using Facebook and Twitter as a source of news. We think this because both sites are making moves to establish themselves as a news portal, and according to Pew research it is happening.

This increase in users, who used these websites as a source of news is not due to growth of Facebook and Titter users, but the fact that more and more users are discovering news on these websites. According to Pew researchers, 63 percent of Facebook and Twitter user said that they use both sites to find out about current affairs and news.

This research results are very helpful and good for Facebook and Twitter as both are giving more focus on establishing their sites as a news source. Project Lighting of Twitter will provide live coverage and breaking news to everyone irrespective of the users have a twitter account or not. In the mean time this past May, Facebook has launched Instant Articles, which allows news organization to publish the news directly on the website.

This study from Phew research will also help the traditional media organization to use Social media to their daily use and think about using it for greater good. This study results is good for all category users as it shows the use of Social media like Facebook and Twitter is not restricted to any particular community or age. More and more male and female users are using Facebook, whereas twitter is used by all the community from younger generation to the people over 35 years of age.

So this new study however also shows that all the users are using Facebook and Twitter as the secondary source of news, and also the younger and youth generation are using it more for news purpose than the older generation. The main question arises here is till what extent users are using Facebook and twitter for news stories.