Monument Valley for Android : Beautiful looking puzzle game ever

By | May 15, 2014

Monument Valley is  one of the beautiful puzzle game ever on Android platform. This game was released for iOS back in April and it was praised for its stunningly designed levels and the minimalistic 3D approach. In this game you play as a princess by name Ida and you must wander around the strange and captivating world filled with the lots of puzzles .

Guide the princess through the mysterious monuments, unfolding optical illusions and uncovering hidden paths. This game is the exciting combination of art and mathematics and it consolidates the optical illusion of the penrose triangle in most of the levels of the game and the gameplay is based on its design and the impossible architecture.

Coming to the level design, every level is a mix of retro graphics and optical illusions. The puzzles, the graphics and the design of the levels all together create a united and undeniably elegant experience. The way the levels of the game arranged is mind blowing.


How to Play

  • First download Monument Valley for Android from Google Play Store.
  • After launching go to the first level and you must make it to the end. Initially it looks impossible, but there are various wheels, levers, switches, obstacles and make use of them can hit that alter the level.
  • In the game there were carefully crafted optical illusions to create the steps where there were no steps before. If something looks ridiculous, then there is still some part of the level you have not altered in order to continue.
  • Even though if you figure out all the illusions and switches then you have work them in accordance with one another to reach the destination.

The developers has used the music and sound and found a way to merge the gameplay with the graphics and music and make it the pretty good experience. This game contains 10 levels and it is the simple game from point A to point B, by solving the puzzles with the mechanical movements. It is not available for free to download, you  need spend small amount of $3.99 to buy this game.


Author: Peter Jacksonn

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