Mondaine Helvetica 1 available on Pre-order at $850



You can now be the proud owner of the Mondaine Helvetica 1 smart watch, because this smartwatch is available on the pre-order. The Swiss watch maker has manufactured just 1,957 units of this Mondaine Helvetica 1 smartwatch. The main reason behind 1,957 unit of the smartwatch is to honor the year, when popular font was introduced.

Helvetica 1 smart watch was unveiled by Mondaine back in March 2015 at Baselworld watch and jewelry show. This smartwatch is not made to compete with other most popular and hi-tech smartwatch like Apple watch in terms of the functions. The Helvetica 1 can only be used to track fitness and sleep data. This watch comes with analog display, not the digital touch screen display like all the other popular smartwatches.

The users can check the time and date on this smartwatch, but they will also be able to monitor fitness activity and sleep tracking on the sub-dial. User has to sync the smartwatch with any Android and iOS device to monitor the data in depth. When you sync the watch with some of the Android and iOS device, you can check detailed data like daily steps travelled, distance travelled, calories burned and the nature of your sleep (how much duration you were in deep sleep and how much time you were on light sleep) etc. and based on the nature of sleep the device will wake you up. This Helvetica 1 smartwatch will automatically change the time zone, while it is connected to the user’s Smartphone.

This wearable watch has battery life of more than two years, which will also stop you from charging it regularly. As the watch is created to honor the year the font was first created by Max Miedinger and was released by Linotype back in 1957, this Helvetica 1 will have an engraved “1 of 1977” on the side of the case.

The price of the smartwatch is $850 for now, which will increase to $950 in September.