Modern Combat 5 “Blackout” Coming Soon for Windows Phone

By | May 10, 2014

The Gameloft will be launching the latest version of  its famous game “Modern Combat” in the Windows Phone Platform. The Modern Combat 5 “Blackout” will be unveiled for the Windows Phone users.

Gameloft Modern Combat 5 : Blackout coming soon for Windows phone users

The Blackout comes with the same basic structure as previous  features of the Modern Combat game, with a single-player campaign and a multiplayer mode. In the previous versions, both the modes of the game are separated, but in this version there is little twist- Unified progression will see your experience transfer between solo and multi-player modes. If the gamer has reached at the level five in the campaign, then  they decide to play in a multiplayer match, then they will find that his character is at level five in multiplayer. This unification had offered the weapon mastery.


There are four solider has announced has announced for the Modern Combat 5. In the Assault class there is a medium range fighter which uses the assault rifles and pistols. The Heavy, a resilient close-to-medium range class guns and RPGs. The Recon class focuses on  the quick strikes at close range using submachine guns and pistols. And finally, the Sniper class is specialized in long-range sharpshooting with sniper rifles.

The Gameloft does not disclose the release date and other technical requirements of the game yet now. The pricing of the game is also yet to be announced, for further news you have to wait for some time until then stay updated.