Mobile Gamepad app turns Android phones into Controller for Windows


A recent app has developed by the XDA developers which can turn your Android Smartphone as a controller. The app is called Mobile Gamepad. The app has offered six virtual buttons to operate.

Mobile Gamepad app turns Android phones into Controller for Windows

The Mobile Gamepad app has worked in conjunction with a server-side application on the host PC, that can enable the use of different kinds of controls to play games. With Mobile Gamepad, you can set the system to use either digital pads, swipe gestures or even the user can use the device’s as an  accelerometer to manipulate games on his PC.


Mobile Gamepad provides the users a virtual d-pad which has six buttons that is very much similar to the PS3 controller. Those virtual buttons are labeled with triangle, square, circle, and X labels on them which makes it easy to understand. Users can map those virtual buttons to any key on the keyboard allowing you to customize the layout to your needs.

The mobile Gamepad app uses the accelerometer in the Smartphone and allow the gamers motion control rather than forcing gamers to use the virtual d-pad buttons. The gamers can also use the app to launch the PC games from his  Smartphone which is a nice feature.


The Mobile Gamepad has offered  customization on the mapping of the controls. The user will  get a virtual D-pad, six buttons which are in square, triangle, circle, cross, pause and start. The gamer can map these — as well as the motion-based accelerometer controls according to his choice or preference. The Mobile Gamepad also gives quick access to your favorite games. You can download the app from here!