Mobi DB Android App : Personal Database management tool

By | April 26, 2014

Mobi DB Lite is the personal database management tool which let you to store all your personal data in the single location. Mobi DB Android app let you to manage your own databases on your Android devices. It contains so many pre-built data bases you can fill with your favorite movies, CD, DVD, Wine collections, tasks, To Do lists and most important things. You can export your databases and you can create your own databases too.

You can use already created default database templates or you can also create your own database forms to store, manage and you can keep an eye on the databases.


  • Layout fields designed on the form are more convenient and functional for you.
  • Create, manage, import and export your databases.
  • You can adhere the new databases to the existing ones.
  • Pre-set data bases are available and they can be edited easily.
  • You can ┬ácustomize your fields by editing, deleting, moving and changing the sizes.
  • This app supports 14 field types such as Checkbox, float, string, integer, hyperlink, date, time, email, contacts, picture, ratings, videos, address, calculable and currency.



  • First download and install Mobi DB from Goggle Play Store.
  • When you start the app you are asked to use some test databases. As these test data bases helps you the functionality of the app.
  • Create your own database is very easy, as there are so many databases available you can also create your own and add your own fields.
  • You can export these databases on to your phone’s memory and you can easily share with others.

Mobi DB is very nice to use on large screen devices, where you can include all the information of the files. With Mobi DB you can take complete control over anything you want like editing or designing your own data fields.

There is pro version of app is also available which comes with added features.


Author: Peter Jacksonn

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