MIT created “Hermes” robots with human like reflexes



Robots are being used for lots of works or industrial purposes, but still humanoid robots are pretty stiff. MIT has engineered a robot named “Hermes”, which is not that stiff and moves gently and features human like reflexes. This robot is hooked up to a human controller. We have seen humanoid robots many times in the movie. This robot can imitate the movement of its master. Here human will need to use s device, which is similar to joystick for more actions, which requires hands and fingers movement.

This humanoid robot is very strong and much stronger than human and can be used for search and rescue operations in any locations. If its controller can’t get near the robot at some places, then he has to wear a head’s up display, which will allow the pilot to see, what robot is seeing. The developer of this robot is planning to enhance its quality, by making it bit more autonomous in the future, so that robot can work after losing its connection is lost with the pilot handling it. As robots are used in every filed now a days, this new Humanoid robot with human like reflexes certainly looks promising. To watch the video to know more click here.