Misfit launches Misfit Link apps and a $20 Activity Tracker



Misfit is known for making affordable and less expensive attractive health and fitness device. The company has now unveiled its newest tracker device named Misfit Flash link. This Misfit Flash Link is a soft fitness tracker, which is comes with a replaceable battery and its battery life is six months. Meaning now you don’t have to worry about charging again and again. The price of this device is $19.99, which makes it cheapest device company is selling right now.

This Misfit Flash Link will track various activities like swimming, running, yoga, walking and dance. This device will also have the ability to set alarm by tracking your sleep pattern. This new Flash Link is available in four colors : black, red, white and green This flash Link features a clip, which can be attached to shirt, keychain, belt, pocket or shoe, but you can’t wear this device as a watch as it doesn’t come with wristband. This device can be synced with your smartphones with Bluetooth. The data will be shown in easy to read charts with the help of Misfit apps.

The company has also launched Misfit Link software application, which allows you to use Misfit activity tracker as a smart button, which will further control your music and your Smartphone camera. The Flash Link software can also be used as a smart home remote when you connect it with Nest, this can also connect with Logitech Harmony Home Hub to control some more home features. This app will be available for iOS but you have to wait till next month for Android powered devices.

The price of earlier Flash and Misfit Shine is reduced today, Flash will come at $30 instead of $50 and Misfit Shine will cost &70 instead of $100. The new Misfit Link will also work with Flash and Misfit Shine.