Military AI Intel will help you solve the picture libraries



Now a day finding a computer vision technology to detect the objects in the photos, but it is still a tough tasks to sift through photos. This shifting through photos is a very big challenge for military as they have to find right picture, finding the right picture is a very big and tough tasks for military as it can mean spotting a target or some terrorist threat.
Soon there may be a way for US armed forces to spot items in a large images and this will also help human observes to find them. The new artificial intelligence backed Visual Media Reasoning system from DARPA, will be able to detect what’s in a shot and this will also presents it in a simple interfaces. This interface bunches the photos and videos together based on patterns. For example, if you want to know that where this distinct design car is, then you might just have to look into a single group.
There is also a chance of getting this a bit creepy, as it could easily influence other government surveillance programs, but military person will definitely going to like this new this new Military AI backed Visual Media Reasoning system from DARPA.