How to Migrate Files from One Cloud Service to Other

By | June 25, 2014


There are many services that allows you to keep your files and data on cloud, among those here are some of the best known for it, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. All these provides a huge amount of storage to save and retrieve files on the go. If you are frequent user of these services and want to migrate Files from One Cloud Service to Other then you are at right place.

Here we have a great tool that allows you to move all your files from one cloud service to other in no time. is the tool that does the same and it supports Skydrive,, Dropbox, Amazon, and more (including private web hosts like Dreamhost). If you are doing this for the first time then it could be a bit confusing but I’m sure at the end of the tutorial you will achieve your target.

Steps to Migrate Files from One Cloud Service to Other using Mover

  • If you are just moving files from one cloud service to another then sign up for an account at Mover.
  • Select the “Move files to a new service” option. Then, add your source file account (you’ll need to authorize Mover on your cloud service), and your destination.


  • After setting everything, click the big “Transfer” button and from now the will take care of the process to complete it.

Mover has connected to almost all popular cloud storage providers. You may copy files from your Dropbox to Google Drive, from OneDrive to Box or even from your old Google account to the new one. It also supports FTP transfer allowing you to directly move files from Google Drive or Dropbox or OneDrive to your FTP server, over the cloud.

Otixo is another service allow us to move files from one cloud storage provider to another. Meet another great medium that offers more features to utilize but the it has lower number of collaboration to cloud service provides but yes, if you are using trusted and popular cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive then at least once you can go for it.


Here are the features of Otixo

  • Access many online services with a single username and password.
  • Launch files and folders from Otixo directly into your favorite services.
  • Share files with your friends and colleagues.
  • Preview your documents and images.
  • Search and find your files across many cloud-based services in one simple step.
  • Copy and Move files from one service to another without downloading to your computer. It’s as easy as drag-and-drop!