Microsoft’s Sway Now Available To Everyone


Sway, the online tool from Microsoft is now available to public. Previously, a waiting list system was in place.

Sway is a presentation web app that has been developed by Microsoft. Sway allows its users to combine media and text in order to create a presentable website. Users can upload data locally from their device, or use internet sources like Twitter, Facebook etc. A Sway presentation can be viewed through a browser. Mobile apps for the same will be launched soon, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft Sway

The face that Sway has done away with the waiting list system isn’t surprising. Microsoft revealed some astonishing figures pertaining to the number of requests it received when the waiting list was in place.

According to the company,

“It’s been only 10 weeks since we kicked off Sway Preview, and we’ve already had over one million unique visitors to and over 175,000 requests to join, and those numbers grow by thousands daily.”

Sway is a very interesting product, given the fact that it doesn’t have traditional files like the ones in Office Suite. It is pretty evident that Sway was built for the cloud. Microsoft has been working to convert Office into a cloud product for a while now, and we will get to see how that shapes up.

It will be interesting to see how the public’s reaction to Sway is going to be. Microsoft is telling everyone that it’s a new way to create and share something new. How new and creative it turns out, we’ll find out soon enough.