Microsoft’s Cortana for Android leaked online

By | July 18, 2015


In May Microsoft announced that it will bring Cortana for Androids this month, but a copy of Cortana has been leaked on the internet. This Cortana app is an Artificial Intelligence personal assistant and was first spotted at Finnish site Suomimobiili and is believed to be beta version of Cortana app.

If you are familiar with Windows phone and Windows 10 version Cortana, then this will look familiar to you. The main features of Cortana apps are available with this version. It delivers news, looks for restaurants at the places near you, displays sports score and checks the weather. All those action is performed by the apps by your verbal command.

You can command the Cortana by your voice to search or you can also enter questions by text. This works similar to any other Android apps. This version doesn’t support “Hey Cortana” features to activate the apps, says Verge.
Microsoft will release its Cortana on Windows 10, Windows 10 mobile, iOS 9 in the upcoming months. This app is already a part of Microsoft Band and Windows Phone 8.1. You can download this unofficial app and use it on your Android phone, but don’t expect it to work perfectly fine as it may have some bugs in it. This version of Cortana is not going to be here for much longer time, as this was expected to be released later this month.