Microsoft’s Band 2 to come with stylish and new design



Now a days, wearable devices have become very popular whether it is smartwatch or fitness band. Various companies are manufacturing the wearable devices, but the major battle in this market is between Apple Watch and rest of the Android devices like Moto 360 and others. This doesn’t mean that Microsoft is not in the race and the company has previously launched the Microsoft Band. The original smart band of Microsoft didn’t get enough attention and popularity, but the company is still in no mood to give up.

According to the leak image obtained by Microsoft Insider, the next generation Microsoft SmartBand is looking better than the previous version. The new SmartBand from the company is pretty good and stylish. It looks like the new Band will come with a curved screen with metal accents. We cannot say that the leaked image is authentic or not. The new band looks more beautiful and stylish than the original.

We didn’t have more news about the product. There is also no news that how much the band has improved from inside. We’ll get to know more about the next generation of the Microsoft Band at the company’s big event held on October 6. According to the report of Microsoft Insiders, the new version of band will come with at least one sensor.