Microsoft Xbox 360 consoles gets price cut in India

By | April 29, 2014

There is a good news from Microsoft, that it has slashed the price of Microsoft Xbox 360 consoles in India. Microsoft has reduced the price of Xbox 360 console with 250 GB from Rs.24,990 to Rs.21,990 and the 250 GB Kinect Xbox 360 console is now available at just Rs.31,990, before it is available at Rs.34,890.

Anshu Mor, Director of Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft India tweeted that,”Excited to announced the price drop on 250 GB  Xbox 360 gaming console and 250 GB Kinect Xbox 360 console. New prices at Rs.21,990 and Rs.31,990 respectively”.

However, Microsoft has not reduced the prices of  4 GB Xbox 360 and 4 GB Kinect Xbox 360. Microsoft has released its new gaming console Xbox One in this March and is yet not introduced to Indian market. It may be released in September 2014 to the 26 markets including India. Still now there is no official price and availability details of Xbox One.


Yusuf Mehdi, one of the Microsoft’s executive said in his blog that, “It’s time to ensure that more fans can enjoy Xbox One around world wide, and we are proud to announce that the Xbox is available in 26 additional markets in September this year”.

Coming to the Microsoft main competitor in gaming consoles, Sony has launched its latest gaming console Playstation 4 in India at Rs.39,990 , with in the two months after its launch in US. Soon after its launch is US, Sony has started rolling out its Playstation 4 to roughly 53 countries in first phase, while Microsoft has launched its Xbox One to only 13 countries in first phase.

Here is the list of the markets that Microsoft has planned to release Xbox 360 in September 2014. Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Belgium, Greece, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, India,  Israel, Hungary, Korea, Japan, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Russia, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Sweden, South Africa, Switzerland, Singapore, UAE and Turkey.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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